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Vowel's passion for art began from a very young age. At the age of 10, she was caught by her mom photoshooting her brother’s toys with her own “studio setup” that consisted of an ordinary desk lamp and some A4 size printing paper in her room. So everything only started making sense when she was enrolled in and later graduated from an art specialty high school in Hong Kong.


Vowel decided to expand her expertise by going to a journalism school as she realised she’s never been satisfied with just making art. She learned ways to combine both her art and writing skills together to perfect her storytelling while studying journalism at the University of Washington in Seattle, Washington.


Trained as a multimedia journalist and storyteller, Vowel once worked for International Examiner, a Seattle-based community newspaper, as their Editorial Assistant and her stories have been published by different news media companies such as GeekWire, The Seattle Times, The Seattle Lesbian, etc.


Moving back to Hong Kong after spending 5 years in Seattle, Vowel started working for one of the biggest specialty coffee shop chains in Hong Kong as their Senior Marketing and Creative Executive and later even worked as a Senior Digital Executive for a 4As creative agency. These experiences have allowed her to broaden her horizons, her true passion and enthusiasm for storytelling and mostly, photography, yet have never stopped growing.

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