Hong Kong, 2018

A hand-drawn box that delivers updates from the photographer to her deceased dad.

"It was a habit of dad's to 'frame' his important notes with this box he doodled. Growing up I've been seeing this hand-drawn box everywhere, on almost every paper or memo I found at home. The interesting thing is-- heavy or light, dense or sparse, from just looking at these strokes he drew I could tell what's on his head. 

Today it's been 10 years since he passed away. I have been trying almost every way to communicate with him. I wrote him letters, set up online blogs... as if he could just be connected that way-- with the power of internet. It, nevertheless, seems to me it never worked until I started 'writing' to him again. This time, yet, with photography and having these messages 'framed' with the doodled box."

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