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Video/ Documentary Production.

Preview: Documentary-- "AALGBTQ"
Lenght: 12 mins and 28 seconds
Produced by: Ting Ting Chu (Vowel)

Coming soon in 2014.


"AALGBTQ" aims to help Asian American LGBTQ and their parents by collecting some of their coming-out stories. Aside from that, we also hope to answer a few questions in mind: Is Asian American parents more accepting than Asian ones that are really living in Asia? Does being minority affect the way they see LGBTQ? How have Asian and Asian American medias been affecting their thoughts on the non-heterosexual community?

An amateur photographer, Teban, insists on doing what he thinks is meaningful and attracted more than 20,000 followers on Instagram, with the account "Asian_impressions."

Lenght:  3 mins and 9 seconds
Produced by: Ting Ting Chu (Vowel)

More than a hobby: Photographer promotes natural beauty of Asian women
Movie Review: 'Innocent Blood'

A movie review done by Vowel Chu on the film 'Innocent Blood.'

Lenght: 1 min and 18 seconds
Produced by: Ting Ting Chu (Vowel)

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